Leech (2D)

Leech (2D)

Drama | 00 hr 01 min



Naveed Raza, Mahsam Raza, Kinza Malik

M Shahzad Malik

LEECH is a tale of an intelligent, simple young man, who turns into a violentanti-hero, and goes on a revenge journey as a consequence of the loss he and his family suffered due to the development of private housing societies, which wreak havoc upon rural communities and the natural environment. It delvesdeep into the harsh reality where property mafias and government machineryseized the lands of farmers, launching lucrative housing schemes worth millions. Meanwhile, local residents were forced to abandon their homes, left to eke out a meager existence in slums. Through dramatic twists and turns, the narrative unveils the dark underbelly of exploitation and greed, where the powerful thrive at the expense of the powerless. Balot, a 16-year-old boy, lives happily in a village with his parents. Their peaceful life is disrupted when a builder arrives, seeking to buy their land for a housing society. Despite Balot's father's refusal, the builder resorts to conspiracy, leading to the destruction of Balot's family. Urbanization brings devastation to the villagers, causing them to lose their homes and livelihoods. In the aftermath of tragedy, Balot, now orphaned, moves to the city with a resolve to seek revenge. Urbanization disrupts the traditional way of life in villages, causing displacement, loss of identity, and social upheaval. Villagers are often forced to sell their land due to pressure from developers, leading to the destruction of their communities. The influx of urban development brings economic opportunities but also results in the loss of cultural heritage and environmental degradation, leaving villagers marginalized and vulnerable. As Inspector Israr investigates the murders of an owner of a housing society, a famous model and a contractor, he uncovers a series of shocking revelations. Through meticulous detective work, Israr follows a trail of clues that lead him to Balot, now a grown man seeking revenge for the destruction of his village. The story takes unexpected turns as Israr’s investigation into Balot's past goes deeper and manages to trace down Balot and his motivations behind the murders he committed.

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